This acid is actually very commonly found in skin products. It has been shown to have benefits for the skin that some people would claim to be miracle cures. It works as an extremely powerful moisturizer. There is more than one type of serum designed for use. The water based serums are for more mild to moderate cases of dry skin. The ones that are more lipids based are for older people who have started to lose skin elasticity or for severe cases of dry skin.

Another amazing benefit to using serums with hyaluronic acid is that they are designed to be long-lasting. By creating a time-release product, science has made it so you only have to apply once or twice per day. When you use this your skin will remain very soft and very elastic. Wrinkles may diminish with prolonged use. Skin tone will be younger looking and feeling in days to weeks. It’s also an affordable product which is what has made it so readily available to people living everywhere. By being available in topical creams and skin care products, anyone can take advantage of the super scientific approach to revitalizing dry, aging skin.

To identify whether or not the skin product you are shopping has hyaluronic acid serum in it, read the label. Typically it will be identified as that name or possibly as sodium PCA. Either of these forms is acceptable and will work just fine for you. Applying and using it as recommended on the label will ensure that you get the maximum benefits in the quickest amount of time. Follow the label and you are beginning your new regimen of health care that will produce years of healthier looking skin. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Take a trip down to the local pharmacy and read some labels. Go on the internet and shop specifically for products that contain the serum. Buy 100% hyaluronic acid serum in a one ounce bottle and use it alone if you feel that you’d like to do that as well. It is safe. Use it as the directions state so that you get the proper amount of doses from the bottle. One ounce is not very much, but it is also not very expensive either.