Are you familiar with hyaluronic acid serums and microneedling treatments? If not, you may want to read more and discover how these two amazingly simple options can restore your skin to a much more youthful and hydrated appearance. Let’s begin with microneedling as it is the proverbial “step one” that can actually boost absorption of the HA serum by up to 3000%! After that we can consider HA serum, particularly those from JabaLabs as they boast the premium formulations that are without any potential risks or unwanted ingredients.

Microneedling Explained

If you regularly visit a spa or have skincare treatments done by professionals, they may have microneedling devices already available. They are not much larger than a standard pen or marker. Their tips are equipped with an array of tiny needles that can gently penetrate your skin as they esthetician, skincare professional or spa provider moves it over your face and neck.

While it sounds like it might hurt, there is no pain involved. All that the microneedling device does is cause the skin to sense some sort of disturbance or opening and it triggers an inflammatory response. Before you worry that your face is going to swell up, don’t. Instead, invisible processes beneath the surface of the skin will cause new tissue to begin to form. All of your body’s healing processes kick in due to the microneedling and floods of healthy substances will regenerate, tighten and improve the skin.

However, as you know, the story does not end with the microneedling. There is also the HA serum from JabaLabs to apply.

Hyaluronic Acid Explained

While the microneedling cues a lot of desirable reactions in your skin, it also leaves it open or makes it more able to absorb any substances you might apply to the skin immediately afterward. This is a perfect time to use a restorative compound like HA serums.

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body and if applied to the skin it achieves a lot of desirable results. One of the first is that it helps to plump out skin that may have lost some of its collagen due to aging. A quality HA serum is also going to support recovery from long term exposure to environmental issues like sun, pollution and less beneficial skincare products. It is also a champion at deeply hydrating the skin in addition to any collagen it meets.

It is a skincare compound also noted for its ability to typically penetrate more deeply than other agents, and many experts assume it is because it is a compound similar to something already in the skin’s natural makeup.

The Differences in the HA Serums

Naturally, we live in a world where there are always many options among the products we use. This is true of HA serums, and you will want to find one that meets the main points for providing key benefits. One of the most significant is the molecular size of the formulation. The JabaLabs HA serums have been carefully formulated at lower molecular weights to allow far deeper penetration and results. Additionally, it is 100% vegan, made without any alcohols or skin irritants, and preserved organically. This makes it without any sort of risk for further harm due to toxins, contaminants or irritants.

If you have been struggling to combat the decrease of collagen in your aging skin and you want to support improvements in the appearance of your skin, microneedling along with the use of HA serum is a fantastic idea. Whether done at home or by your esthetician, it will create amazing and long lasting results.