Hyaluronic Acid Serum is great after laser hair removal

Hyaluronic Serum“We use JabaLabs Hyaluronic Acid Serum as part of a natural and luxurious facial designed to leave the skin feeling rejuvenated, fresh and free from all impurities. The experience ends with a facial massage to relax the muscles leaving the face feeling awakened.”

Julia Guinness, Degré Salon, Washington, D.C.

 “To avoid any irritation after the laser hair removal treatment, we send the patient home with a bottle of JabaLabs pure hyaluronic acid serum. We instruct the patient to apply it 2-3 times per day for 4 days after the laser treatment. The treated area heals very well with the hyaluronic acid serum.”

Gloria Saenz, L’ Hermitage Spa, Los Angeles, CA

Hyaluronic Acid Serum during Retin-A treatments

“I have been using your hyaluronic acid serum during my Retin-A treatments at home for the past month because my doctor recommended it.  I was getting excessive inflammation and irritation with the Retin-A treatments. To my relief, when I returned to see the doctor one week later, she was thrilled about the results by using hyaluronic acid serum  because she did not need to prescribe any steroids to combat the inflammation caused by the Retin-A.”

Gloria Saxon, San Antonio, TXCA

Hyaluronic Acid Serum can help with  excessive sun exposure

Hyaluronic SerumOur hyaluronic acid serum helps repair damage from excessive exposure to UV sunlight. The unique properties of our hyaluronic acid serum help protect cell proteins from further damage while restoring the skin’s condition. Hyaluronic acid serum also scavenges free radicals and accelerates repair of UV-induced DNA damage while it restores lost moisture to further accelerate the recovery process. Our Hyaluronic acid serum helps reduce irritation, redness and pain induced by sunburn. Just do not apply hyaluronic acid serum to swollen, broken, blistered or very red skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum as a Moisturizer

“I like to buy the 4 oz. bottle and apply the hyaluronic acid serum every morning before my make-up. When I apply the hyaluronic acid serum I have noticed that the skin in my face maintains its moisture during the day a lot better now. I live in a very dry climate and keeping my skin hydrated is very important to me. Since there are no preservatives or oils in the hyaluronic acid serum, it serves me very well. “

Shirley Jones, Palm Springs, CACA

Hyaluronic Serum“What I really like about your hyaluronic acid serum it that as soon as I apply it to my face, it tightens the skin and it feels like an instant face lift. I also like the fact that it is very light and has no scent or unnecessary preservatives that can harm my older skin. The hyaluronic acid serum certainly delivers what it promises.”

Anna Glass, Denver, COCA

Hyaluronic Serum

“I do not inject hyaluronic acid (Restylane®) in my office because I do not believe it is necessary – as it is the topical hyaluronic acid serum that penetrates the skin the deepest and imparts its moisturizing effect to the skin, and also “holds” moisture in the skin – giving a far more youthful looking appearance.

It is so effective that it will penetrate the dermis and epidermis within 30 minutes of application and this fact was well documented in clinical trails, which show that it not only passively diffuses into the skin, but is made possible by active transport into the skin.”

Dr. William Drakos, Dubai, UAE

Hyaluronic Serum“Besides loving the hydrating results of your hyaluronic acid Serum, I like your prices the most. I am on a fixed income and I used to buy the Hyalogic® Episilk Serum for $59 for 1 oz. until I found your products for less than half the price. Your customer service is also top rated in my opinion. I recommended your products to all my closest friends.”

Cindy Williamson, San Antonio, TX