Anyone working in the skincare industry understands that it takes dedication and consistent use of quality products to generate the best skincare results. Most spa, salon or dermatological clients find themselves repeatedly purchasing the special creams, serums and other treatments that their providers recommend. Yet, you could miss out on higher profits in your skincare resale business if you ignore the significance of “anti-aging” options.

Anti-Aging at All Ages

Skin care is not always about anti-aging. It can be more about moisturizing, toning, balancing pigment and other issues. Anti-aging regimens, however, can begin when someone is in their twenties or thirties, and is definitely a program essential to those in their forties and older. As a provider of skincare services, you need to encourage patients to do more than come in for periodic skin care treatments, and must take it one step further; encouraging them to begin anti-aging regimens. And this is where quality wholesale skincare products can help you boost your bottom line over the long term.

After all, you will be providing facials and other specialized treatments to the skin on a client’s face and neck. This is to improve texture, balance hydration, and even diminish the signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. However, as a skincare resale professional, you can use your options in wholesale skincare products to encourage customers to develop daily anti-aging regimens, too.

The great thing about promoting the use of such products (apart from the benefits to your skincare resale business) is that you can also use those products during treatment. In fact, change that “can” to “must”. Letting clients feel and see how the different wholesale skincare products work is the best way to get them to commit to such regimens, and ongoing regimens mean ongoing sales.

Which Products to Promote in Your Anti-Aging Skincare Resale Program

Two of the most immediately effective treatments are those that boost collagen; the magical natural compound we have in such abundance when young but loose as we age, and hyaluronic acid. Collagen, when part of your wholesale skincare product line will typically come as a peptide cream or serum. This is going to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance. Applying it and explaining all of this to a client helps them to understand how they can slow or even reverse some signs of aging.

You can then talk about the importance of intense skin hydration at any age and how it can make a huge difference in the look and texture of the skin. This is when you can introduce the hyaluronic acid products you have in your skincare resale line. Applying an HA product as a finishing touch to a facial or other treatment plumps up the skin cells and gives the complexion a far more healthful look.

Explaining that the wholesale skincare products you use as anti-aging treatments need to be applied daily, and showing clients how easily it is done, can automatically grow your skincare resale business by getting clients hooked on your quality products. It is not an upsell but more of a cross sale – they are already caring for their skin, so why not offer them the wholesale skincare products that can protect and restore it?

Keep in mind that your use of anti-aging formulations allows clients to feel that they are able to enjoy a customized skincare regimen. Rather than something selected from a store shelf or described by complex terms on packaging, it is something you have personally selected based on your knowledge of their skincare needs. Be sure you use the highest quality HA serums and peptide creams, and you will have very happy clients.